Chef Made Meals for Fire Survivor Families, Served Weekly Since October 2017. SFM is a 501c3 non-profit.


Coronavirus Response: Sonoma Family Meal is serving our community!

We in the earliest days of this situation, and are working on low-touch solutions to help our community AND help our farmers and restaurants. We are working directly with agencies like Council on Aging, Corazon, Community Action Partnership, Positive Images and others to make sure food gets directly to those who need it most.

 In the first week of the shelter-in-place requirements  SFM has…

  • Provided $10,000 in gift cards to Lola’s Market
  • Partnered with FEED Sonoma to purchase 60 produce boxes (from local farmers) underserved populations
  • Partnered with Single Thread Restaurant and Farm to produce meals for more than 500 individuals.

How can you help?


SFM has set up a fund for the Coronavirus outbreak that will be 100% designated to provide win-win for our local food community and those in need. EVERY DOLLAR will be used to PAY local farmers, local restaurants providing food support, local food purveyors and local gift cards. SFM will use reserve funds for any administrative work. We are a VOLUNTEER-RUN organization with a single paid employee: Our female chef.

You can be assured your money goes where it is needed, not to overhead and salaries. Our funding is from people like you, who believe in people like us.

xoxox Heather Irwin, founder

More than 200,000 meals served…and counting.


The recent wildfires are a reminder of what Sonoma County residents experienced in October 2017. More than 5,000 homes were destroyed in a matter of hours, leaving thousands without a place to live. Though many of us have returned to “normal” life, recovery is a grueling and timely process for fire survivors. Many still live in temporary shelters, like RV’s or vacation rentals, traveling miles to work and school while rebuilding their lives.

We offer nourishing, chef-made meals to families who have lost homes as a way to bring families together at the table again.


Thank you Franchetti’s Wood Fire Kitchen

John and Gesine’s restaurant was our first home, and one of the two spots where we remain today. Volunteering to take on Sonoma Family Meal before they even knew what it was, the Franchettis have been steadfast supporters cooking thousands of meals for our families and never saying no to anything we need. We operate out of their kitchen every Monday, and families know it’s a warm and welcoming place to be. We cannot express our gratitude enough.