SFM aligns restaurants with their own community, making our approach truly local. We believe that there is a special bond between chefs and their communities, and want to reinforce that. So, we do our best to have restaurants in the Sonoma Valley serve the Sonoma Valley, Healdsburg serve Healdsburg and so on. We also know that its best practice for our food and our environment to transport our meals in as little time and with as little unneeded fuel as possible.

Here are some examples…
Sonoma Valley
La Luz, Town of Sonoma, Council on Aging, Vintage House = Girl and the Fig, Palooza and Picazo

Corazon, Council on Aging = Single Thread, Mateo’s, Pizzando, Chalkboard

West County
Graton Day Labor Center, Council on Aging = Fernbar, Backyard

City of Cloverdale = Catelli’s

Santa Rosa
Council on Aging = Gerard’s Paella

Windsor Alliance = Chachos Catering

Council on Aging, Catholic Charities = Sonoma Preferred Catering